Giving back to the community

Why the community needs us,

NU World cic is an outstanding role model for diversity.  With all our activities, we have worked with families over the last 2 years in providing more and more support. To engage with the wider community and promote understanding and social inclusion, reducing isolation for young people and their families in the area even as far as Watford and Essex.
'Families have said over the years we are a valuable resource for the community, filling in the gaps of the underfunded mainstream services when there was nothing else in the area, we just kept providing from a heathy hot meal program funded by our local Governor Colette Wyatt-Lowe providing hot meals to low income families in the Woodhall farm ward area with our local authority Dacorum council. Whilst the essential care packages, helped support families and individuals affected financially by Covid - 19  and this was funded by the National lottery through a grant. This came about at we had established a real need in the area after conducting a survey that food banks where not able to service the high demand for families during this difficult time.

We wanted to help in changing families lives in the area and will keep doing brilliant work  to support others continually.
NU world CIC is an amazing grassroots organisation supporting  children and young people from all demographics by creating an inclusive environment for all from all walks of life.


we will always go over and above to support our community.'

Our plan

We found this building after a year of searching for 1 year prior. After viewing the premises we fell in love with the location and all that it brought, we had worked on the space for over 8 months and gave it all we had. We really want to focus on whats needed in the community such as ,

  • Social and emotional anxiety in young children 

  • offering more support for young people and knife crime in the area

  • Learning through play for young families 

  • Offering support for families who are Refugees needing a safe friendly place to be with others.




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